Acne Treatment Cost

Acne Treatment Cost

Are you also tired of dealing with acne and its after effects every day? It is a common skin condition that results from the excessive accumulation of oil and dirt in skin pores. Although it is more common to experience acne at a younger age, older people can get it as well. Acne can also lead to scarring, making skin conditions worse. However, you can visit Skinroots Clinic, the best skin care clinic in Delhi, to get the most reliable solutions to your acne problems.

What are the reasons behind acne formation?

Do you know what leads to acne? Let us help you understand the primary reasons behind acne formation:

  • Clogged pores

The clogging of skin pores is one of the greatest reasons behind the formation of acne. The skin pores can get clogged due to multiple reasons such as accumulation of sebum, dead cells, or dirt. 

  • Food items

Certain food items can trigger acne problems in people. According to test reports, some of the food items that have been linked with acne formation are high-carb and sugary food items, skim milk, whey protein, etc. 

  • Hormones

Hormones can undoubtedly have a greater impact on acne. Fluctuations in the body's level of hormones, particularly testosterone, can lead to acne problems at a young age.

  • Stress

Stress is a major factor behind acne. People suffering from extreme stress are more likely to suffer from this condition compared to those who can efficiently manage stress. Excessive workloads or personal tensions can lead to stress in individuals.

  • Tight-fitted clothes 

Wearing clothes that sit tightly on the skin can lead to skin acne. The fabric of the clothes you wear can also result in this skin problem. 

Acne treatment at Skinroots Clinic 

Now, it's time we elaborate on the complete details of the acne treatment at Skinroots Clinic, Delhi. This is what you can expect at our clinic:


For diagnosing acne, our efficient medical professionals will start by asking questions such as the condition of your mental health, family history of acne, additional health complications, medications you consume, etc. After your doctor determines the severity of your acne, they will proceed with the treatment.


The following are the treatment approaches offered at Skinroots Clinic, the best clinic for skin treatment in Delhi:

  • Topical acne medications

Mild acne problems can be resolved with topical acne medications. You will need to rub these ointments on your skin for a specific time to reduce the visibility of acne.

  • Oral acne medications

Your doctor might also prescribe oral acne medications to cope with moderate acne. However, consuming these medications without a doctor's consultation is not at all recommended.

  • Laser therapy

It is an advanced therapy for treating stubborn acne. The laser light functions to replenish the skin's collagen levels to reduce acne. Laser therapy can improve skin growth as well.

  • Chemical peels 

Chemical peels are very useful in combating severe acne. In this treatment, the topmost layer of the skin suffering from acne is removed to give way to a new underlying layer of skin. 

Cost of acne treatment in Delhi 

Before you proceed to go for acne treatments, we would like to provide you with an estimated price quote for the treatment. Learning about the price structure of the procedure will assist you in planning your finances systemically so that you don't fall into unpleasant situations later. However, the price of the treatment is not the same everywhere. It can greatly fluctuate from place to place depending on multiple factors. The average price of getting an acne treatment in Delhi is between INR 4000 to INR 15,000 per session. However, this is just a quoted price, and as we said earlier, multiple factors can affect this price structure

Are you suffering from acne problems? You can get the best solutions at reasonable prices at Skinroots Clinic, Delhi. We strive to offer reasonable acne scar treatment cost in Delhi so that all our clients can benefit from our valuable services without having to worry much about the expenses. The exorbitant price rates offered at other establishments in Delhi can make it difficult for you to proceed with acne treatments. Instead, reach out to our clinic, Skinroots Clinic, as soon as possible to get the best deals and offers on effective acne treatments. We offer completely justified and reasonable acne scar treatment cost in delhi according to the efficient services we offer. So, delay no more and visit us!

What are the factors affecting the cost of acne treatment?

Many factors have a greater influence on the overall cost of acne treatment, such as acne severity, session number, techniques used, etc. Let us now elaborate on these factors for you:

Severity of acne

One of the most important factors that is responsible for influencing the acne scar treatment cost in Delhiis the severity of acne. There are various grades of acne, 1,2,3 and 4. Grade 1 acne is mostly classified as blackheads and whiteheads and can be controlled with lifestyle changes. Grade 2 acne is moderate acne with papules and pustules and can be managed with the right medications. Grade 3 acne is nodulocystic acne and requires effective treatment remedies. Grade 4 acne is much more severe and requires advanced medical treatments. Our medical professionals at Skinroots Clinic can readily determine the severity of your acne and prescribe accurate treatments. However, the price of acne scar treatment cost in Delhi might increase with the increase in the severity of this skin condition.

Technique used

Depending on the severity of your acne, the techniques used to treat your skin condition can differ greatly. Mild acne problems can be resolved with oral and topical medications. Moderate to severe acne problems might require advanced treatment techniques such as laser therapies, chemical peels, etc. 

Simultaneously, when advanced technologies are used for resolving acne issues, the price structure of the procedure might rise. At Skinroots Clinic we offer the best Technologies to resolve all sorts of acne problems be they mild or severe. So, no matter how complicated your skin condition is, we at Skinroots Clinic can provide you with accurate treatment plans for effective cure. 

Number of sessions

Another major reason that can affect your acne scar treatment cost in delhi is the number of sessions required. When you have mild to moderate acne you might require lesser treatments, thereby reducing the treatment cost. However, people suffering from severe acne issues might be required to attend multiple sessions, thereby increasing the cost of treatment. In this way, the price structure of the procedure can vary depending on the number of sessions you require to get the best cure.

Expertise of the doctor

One of the most essential factors that has a greater impact on the treatment price is the expertise of the doctor. When you choose a well-reputed doctor with commendable affiliations and credentials, it is obvious that you will receive the best treatment from them. So, simultaneously, it will cause a hike in the treatment cost. Consulting the best doctor will help you achieve the most reliable results post-treatment. So, visit Skinroots Clinic to consult with the best medical professionals practicing in town. All our doctors are highly affiliated and hold incredible expertise in treating all sorts of skin problems, including acne.

Reputation of the clinic or hospital

Choosing a well-reputed clinic or hospital to get your acne treatment done will keep you at benefit. You can rest assured to will experience the best facilities and technologies when you select a well-reputed clinic. However, enjoying all the latest medical facilities will again make an increase in the overall price structure of the treatment. But you can reach out to Skinroots Clinic, the best in Delhi, for all types of acne treatments. We offer all our clients with advanced amenities and services at reasonable prices. So, if you don't want to compromise on the quality of service you receive without having to spend unnecessarily exorbitant rates, Skinroots Clinic is the perfect spot for you! Get the most affordable acne scar treatment cost in Delhi with us.

Follow-up appointments

Another factor that can impact your acne scar treatment cost in Delhi is follow-up appointments. Often, people need to keep visiting the clinic for follow-up appointments. In that case, you might have to pay more. However, going for follow-up appointments has a greater significance for inducing well-being in individuals. It helps you to stay under the supervision of your doctor for a long time, thereby preventing you from getting affected by acne problems once again. If you develop the slightest symptoms or signs of this skin condition again, going for follow-up appointments will help you prevent it efficiently at the initial stages. 

Reasons to choose Skinroots Clinic for acne treatment 

Are you wondering why you should go for skin treatment in delhi at Skinroots Clinic, when there are so many other clinics practicing in Delhi? We have got the right reasons to make you choose our services over any other option for acne treatments! We at Skinroots Clinic offer an advanced infrastructure along with the latest medical facilities and technologies to all our clients.

So, if you are looking for a premium experience at affordable prices, the right place for you to visit is Skinroots Clinic, the best skin care clinic in Delhi. We have an advanced team of medical professionals specializing in all sorts of skin issues. So, visiting us will help you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment solutions for your stubborn acne problems. 

We even offer customization of treatment approaches. Since we understand that every individual comes with a distinct skin type and texture, their skin conditions and the treatment for them might differ as well. Hence, to provide all our clients with the best treatments, our doctors are always ready to deliver personalized treatment plans. Also, you can expect the best aftercare treatments at our establishment. So, if you want to avail the best acne scar treatment cost in Delhi, choose our services today!

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