Receding Hairline and Hair Thinning: Hair Transplant in Men can Solve It!

Receding Hairline and Hair Thinning: Hair Transplant in Men can Solve It!

They say, “Bald is the new Black” and it certainly is! Men with a bald heads can give them the hope to live with such quotes. However, receding hairline, going bald, or even experiencing heavy hair fall and hair thinning are not very positive events and certainly do not give quite much confidence to the person experiencing it! However, the situation is not a lost case and treatments such as Hair Transplants in men can certainly solve the situation and help you regain your lost confidence. Skinroots Clinic, your personal Hair expert, helps you regain your confidence once again that too with the most natural-looking results.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male Pattern Baldness is also known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Though some form of androgenetic alopecia is also observed in females, it is the most common form of hair loss and baldness among men. Among men, androgenetic alopecia has a defined pattern and the hair starts receding above both the temples. Your hairline gradually recedes to form an ‘M’ shape with time.

What are the indications of Androgenetic Alopecia?

Your body provides indications of any ailment much in advance. However, it is important to understand the indications well so that the problem can be nipped at the bud stage only. Some of the important indications of the onset of Androgenetic Alopecia include:

  • Increased Hair Shedding
  • Receding hairline mostly above the temple region on both sides of your head
  • Thinner hair in the affected areas
  • Hair in the affected area can also become wispy, short, non pigmented and indeterminate

In case you notice any one of the following you need to consult a professional dermatologist to get your hair-specific consultation soon and stop Androgenetic Alopecia at the onset stage only. Skinroots Clinic is your personal Hair Care centre and has the best infrastructure and Dermatologists to provide you with the best treatment just in time.

It is important to understand that time becomes the key to identifying the indications and starting the right therapy timely. Once you approach the Skinroots Clinic, the professional Dermatologists would check the grade of baldness pictures and determine your stage of Alopecia and suggest you the appropriate treatment. The grade of baldness pictures is easy-to-reference images indicating the different stages of Alopecia and baldness. Your hair loss and receding hairline would be mapped onto the grade of baldness pictures to determine which stage of Alopecia has affected your hair and whether it is manageable or not.

Can you get treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia?

Of course! Medical science and its allied research have made treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia and other hair and skin-related issues possible. Hair Transplant in Males is a proven treatment to treat Alopecia. However, the decision to go ahead with Hair Transplant in Males is made only after determining the stage of baldness according to the grade of baldness pictures. Once your dermatologist confirms that the specific treatment of Hair Transplant for men would work wonders for your look, you can leave the rest to Skinroots Clinic, your professional Hair Expert. Skinroots Clinic assures you the best Hair Transplant in Males results and therefore you can relax once you are at Skinroots Clinic!

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