Laser Treatment Cost

Laser Treatment Cost

In recent years, laser cosmetic therapy has marked a sudden upsurge in popularity. Prominent among the other available therapies, this procedure deals with different hair and skin-related concerns. The abbreviated laser acronym stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This procedure utilizes concentrated light beams to curtail salient skin and hair concerns. Depending on the type of concern, dermatologists and trichologists employ different laser therapies. For instance, At Skinroots Clinic, we provide completely safe, authentic, and high-end solutions as a part of our laser therapy package. Our certified experts deliver the entire treatment at affordable skin laser treatment cost in Delhi.

Types of laser treatments

Laser procedures are employed to treat a wide arena of skin and hair-related agitations. As a rule of thumb, there are two types of laser therapies extended to deal with various imperfections to enhance appearances. They are briefly listed below. 

  • Non-ablative laser treatments 

These are a type of minimally invasive skin resurfacing and hair removal laser therapies. These incorporate light-to-heat mechanisms when treating different skin flaws. In these types of treatments, a laser beam with high intensity is projected to the innermost layers of skin. Unlike ablative laser procedures, the outer layer is left intact, thereby reducing the healing time. 

Deployed to ease various skin and hair-related perturbations, such treatments require a couple of regular sessions for visible changes. The common examples of these types of procedures with varying skin laser treatment cost in Delhi include fractional, IPL, pulsed dye, Q-switch lasers, etc. Wrinkles, hypertrophic scars, keloids, dilated blood vessels, skin discoloration, rosacea, etc., are some of the imperfections repaired using these procedures. 

  • Ablative laser treatments

The prevailing types of ablative laser treatment in Delhi encompass CO2, argon, Erbium lasers and more. In such procedures, the outermost and impaired surface of the skin barrier, called the epidermis, is destroyed using high-intensity laser beams. Simultaneously, the inner layers are heated to generate collagen production and elastin fibers. 

The outer surface eventually heals, and the indications of treatments like minor scarring fade with time, leaving the taut, glowing, and clear skin. The results of such procedures are permanent and rapidly visible in a single session when compared to non-ablative methods. In general, these techniques are used to treat signs of aging, wrinkles, enlarged pores, fine lines, deep scars, liver spots, etc.

Cost of different laser treatments 

We at Skinroots Clinic provide spectrum laser therapies at an affordable skin laser treatment cost in Delhi. The entire expenses of laser treatment for skin and hair depend on a variety of parameters. Some of the factors corresponding to the overall expenses include your skin condition, prescribed laser treatment, the recommended number of sessions, and more. 

In the laser hair removal process, the average price is estimated between INR 4,800 to INR 11,550. Again, this price range may differ based on the body parts that need hair removal. For skin resurfacing laser treatments, the average price charged is somewhere between INR 1,500 to 50,000. For example, CO2 or Erbium lasers are generally used to minimize acne scars. 

The approximate cost for these two treatments is around INR 6,000- 15,000 and INR 5,000- 20,000 per session, respectively. Likewise, laser treatment for face cost in Delhi varies for pigmentation removals. The carbon peel method of pigmentation removal is priced at INR 4,000 per session, while laser toning costs around INR INR 5,000- 8,500 per session.

Factors affecting the cost of laser treatments 

A broad range of factors may add up to the initial costs of different types of laser treatments. The most prevalent of these factors are listed below. 

  • Location of the clinic

The primary parameter that affects skin laser treatment price in Delhi is the geographical location of the clinic. If the clinic is located in an urban city with surrounding posh localities, the fee charged for treatments is high. We at Skinroots Clinic are located in the most accessible area in Delhi, and we provide our hair and skin-related laser services at your convenience. Our services are perpetually affordable, although we are located in the costliest region, and we provide impeccable service. 

  • No. of Sessions

We at Skinroots Clinic recommend more than one session to deliver ideal results when it comes to hair and skin treatments. The overall skin laser treatment cost in Delhi may vary depending on the number of sessions recommended for your therapy. For instance, the typical number of sessions for a CO2 laser procedure is 3 to 6, while that of hair removal requires 6 to 10 for prominent results. 

  • Professional Expertise

The higher the qualification of the dermatologist or trichologist, the higher the fee charged. As the expertise of these professionals ensures the safety, reliability and accuracy of the treatment, the cost aspects increase. All of our certified dermatologists and trichologists are exceptionally skilled in rendering quality care. We are one of the most reputed and accredited clinics when it comes to affordable laser treatment for face cost in Delhi. 

  • Type of laser treatment

Each type of laser procedure requires significant equipment and machinery. The cost of retention and maintenance of these imported machinery is quite high, and it is important to ensure they deliver precise and safe treatments. Depending on your skin type, hair color, and more, you may be suggested one or more customized laser therapies. This may raise the estimated cost. We at Skinroots Clinic ensure the effective delivery of tailor-made laser treatments for skin and hair alike. Our dermatologists and trichologists employ cutting-edge techniques like C02 fractional laser, carbon peeling, etc., to eliminate your skin or hair-related concerns. 

  • Area being treated 

Skin laser treatment price in Delhi also depend on the area of treatment. Be it for eliminating hairs on different parts of your body or repairing myriads of skin concerns; each area requires a different duration. If the flaws on your skin, such as wrinkles or scars, are profound, the professional may spend additional time to eliminate these flaws. This may add up to the initial costs. The larger the area being treated, the more the corresponding treatment cost. Additionally, different imperfections may require different equipment and tools, which might result in price fluctuations. 

List of laser treatments provided at Skinroots Clinic

Skinroots Clinic stands tall when it comes to rendering superlative laser hair and skin treatments. Our popular services to elevate your appearance and aesthetics are listed below. 

  • Laser acne scar treatment 

With economical laser treatment for acne scars cost in Delhi, we assure to provide you with a stellar experience. Our dermatologists incorporate high-tech methods like MNRF, Erbium glass laser, etc to permanently reduce pesky acne scars. In this, the microscale laser beam enters the underlying surfaces of the skin to trigger collagen production. This furnishes the skin with radiance, even texture, and a refreshing outlook. 

  • Laser-based tattoo removal 

Unwanted tattoos can be an eyesore. Recognizing your need to get rid of these inked spots, we provide tattoo removal services. Our dermatologists are well-versed in employing powerful beams of laser to disseminate your inks with high regard for safety. You need not worry about the post-procedure scars, complications, or affordability of skin laser treatment cost in Delhi with us by your side. 

  • Laser hair removal therapy

We pride ourselves in providing long-lasting, safe hair removal therapy by employing powerful laser technology. The concentrated laser beams are projected on the parts of your body that require hair elimination with exemplary care. Our adept professionals ensure that the treated hair follicles are destroyed without any damage to your skin or other surrounding tissues. With our premium solutions, you can keep your fears and insecurities of unwanted hair aside and live feeling beautiful every day. 

  • CO2 Laser treatment 

Our dermatologists incorporate both fractional and traditional CO2 lasers to rejuvenate your skin and eradicate a variety of flaws. Imperfections like apparent wrinkles, enlarged pores, photodamage, etc can be permanently reduced by our high-end laser treatment in Delhi. We abide by rigid practices to ensure the effectiveness and precision of the outcomes. Moreover, all our technical equipment complies with FDA standards and regulations. 

  • Laser-based pigmentation removal 

Our laser-based pigmentation removal solution remains unparalleled thanks to our top-notch treatment methodologies. Our qualified dermatologists are dedicated to dealing with hyperpigmentation, blemishes, age spots, freckles, etc. We use the latest technologies like carbon peeling and laser toning to furnish you with spotless, even-toned, youthful, and radiant skin. 

  • Laser therapies for other scars

In addition to inexpensive laser treatment for acne scars cost in Delhi, we extend our solutions to treat other types of scars and blemishes. These include surgical scars, keloids, skin warts, birthmarks, and more. We perform scar removal treatment with exclusive care and attention to ensure your scars fade away progressively with each session. 

Why go for Skinroots Clinic’s laser treatments?

Whether you are frustrated with skin concerns or need to eradicate undesired body hair, with our services you can rest assured. Some of the reasons why we exclusively match your expectations are listed below. 

  • We provide custom-tailored solutions specific to your skin and hair requirements.
  • Our services are holistic and custom-centric. Your convenience and well-being are at the core of our principles.
  • We are unparalleled for inexpensive skin laser treatment cost in Delhi while ensuring high quality. 
  • We house certified, dedicated, exceptionally skilled, and emphatic dermatologists and trichologists who render world-class services. 
  • We incorporate the latest technologies and high-end equipment to deliver efficient cosmetic solutions.
  • With a track record of successful laser procedures, we stand apart from our competitors in providing you with impeccable laser treatment solutions.

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