Effective Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi: Your Path to Clear, Radiant Skin

Effective Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi: Your Path to Clear, Radiant Skin

Pigmentation refers to skin coloration. It may vary based on an individual's racial origin. At Skinroots, we understand pigmentation issues arise when this colouration is uneven or irregular. These problems might appear as uneven skin tone, dark spots, patches, etc. The condition occurs when the skin produces melanin excessively. Given the varied skin tones and sun exposure in a country like India, pigmentation is a significant concern.

So, the foundation step to reducing this skin issue is by understanding its causes. Dr. Prakash Khute offers a customized pigmentation treatment in Delhi to reduce skin issues.

Causes of Pigmentation

Pigmentation, scientifically known as hyperpigmentation, can happen because of a wide range of issues. Hyperpigmentation is not a condition but a term describing the skin when it becomes darker and patchy. The following are the prime causes of pigmentation:

  • Exposure to the Sun

In India, excessive sun exposure is the prime aspect resulting in pigmentation. When you get exposed to the sun, melanin is produced due to the UV radiation.

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  • Changes in the Hormonal Levels

At certain times, hormonal changes (melanocyte-stimulating hormones, estrogen, and progesterone) during pregnancy or while taking contraceptive pills may result in melasma. It's a type of pigmentation occurring mostly in women. 

  • Inflammation

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation might occur due to acne, skin injuries, or any other inflammatory skin disease. 

  • Genetical Issues

Some people are genetically prone to skin pigmentation issues. 

  • Age

Age-related pigmentation or liver spots may occur resulting from sun damage in elderly adults. 

  • Consumption of Certain Medications

Some medications may make the skin prone to sunlight, thereby causing skin pigmentation. 

  • Other Aspects 

Other aspects that may result in dark spots and patches on the skin can be exposure to certain chemicals and pollution.

Consult Dr. Prakash Khute at Skinroots to understand the type and get the right treatment accordingly.

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Understanding the Diagnosis Process

Making a correct diagnosis of pigmentation is essential to creating a successful treatment. At Skinroots, we examine the condition thoroughly before offering pigmentation treatment in Delhi in these steps:

Assessing Medical History

At our clinic, we know that diagnosis requires a thorough medical history. So, we ensure to take details on these aspects:

  • The medications they consume (or might have consumed previously) that triggered pigmentation
  • How much the person is exposed to the sunlight daily
  • Work schedule and lifestyle that may result in skin irritation and sun exposure
  • Hormonal changes due to the consumption of contraceptives, pregnancy, or any other cause 
  • Whether there's any family history of pigmentation disorders 
  • Skincare routine (any product that may increase the chances of pigmentation) 

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Examination Using UV Light

Our doctor can use ultraviolet light to assess pigmentation. The wood's lamp emits ultraviolet rays that penetrate the skin. Besides pigmentation, we also use this treatment to detect fungal infections.

A Thorough Visual Screening

Diagnostics begin with a complete visual checkup. Our skilled professional examines the afflicted regions closely, noting the pigmented spots' size, shape, and color. This evaluation helps us classify the pigmentation type, including solar lentigines (sun spots), melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. We recognize the skin issue and plan for a treatment considering the type and size of pigmentation.


A dermoscope or dermatoscope is the non-invasive. Through this diagnostic tool, we can check the clinical patterns of skin lesions as well as subsurface skin structures that aren't visible through the naked eye. 

At Skinroots, we follow a patient-centric diagnostic procedure. Dr. Prakash Khute takes time to evaluate the needs of patients. Our comprehensive diagnosis approach helps us treat patients with care, thereby offering the right pigmentation treatment in Delhi. 

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Understanding the Treatment Options 

The following are the pigmentation treatment in Delhi options:

Laser Therapy

Our laser pigmentation removal reduces skin pigmentation. It uses the targeted beams of light and reduces hyperpigmentation. 

Learn more about our pigmentation laser treatment price through an initial consultation.

Face Acids

We exfoliate and shed the top layer of your skin through this practice. Also referred to as skin acids, this promotes new skin cells that even out your skin tone and smoothen it.

IPL Therapy

The IPL therapy is a non-ablative laser treatment. IPL pigmentation treatment in Delhi improves the production of collagen within the dermis. We may recommend the patient for multiple sessions to achieve the best results. 


Through this technique, we remove the epidermis to address sun damage, acne scars, and age spots resulting in hyperpigmentation.

We also recommend pigmentation removal creams for the ones with minor pigmentation issues. 

Prevention Tips

The following are some things that we recommend to our patients for pigmentation treatment in Delhi:

  • Apply sunscreen every day (which should be SPF 30 or above)
  • Whenever you step outside the house, wear long-sleeved clothes and sunglasses to cover your skin and protect it from the UV rays. 
  • Use mild skincare products and keep your skin healthy and nourished
  • Consume a balanced diet full of antioxidants
  • Don't delay opting for the right treatment to avoid hyperpigmentation

Post-Treatment Care after Pigmentation Therapy 

After undergoing pigmentation treatment, we recommend you follow these steps carefully:

  • Follow what Dr. Prakash Khute recommends
  • Avoid sun exposure 
  • Keep your skin moisturized
  • Apply the pigmentation removal cream (if instructed)
  • Use prescribed skincare products only
  • Avoid scratching or picking the treated area
  • Be patient to see visible results within a few days
  • Don't neglect follow-up appointments scheduled by our professional 


Preventing the skin from ultraviolet rays and maintaining your skin health is compulsory amidst the increasing pollution and lifestyle changes. Thus, if you want to combat pigmentation issues and achieve an even skin tone, consult us at Skinroots for pigmentation treatment in Delhi.


  • How Long Do the Results of Pigmentation Treatment Last?

Ourpigmentation treatment in Delhi can considerably reduce pigmentation. In some instances, many sessions may be required to achieve the best results. The treatment may last for several weeks. However, it may return after a few months.

  • How Long Does Pigmentation Treatment Take To Show Results?

Results differ based on the treatment and the skin tone of the individual. For instance, the results achieved through laser pigmentation removal may differ from the IPL therapy. Some therapies have instant results, while others may need several weeks or months.

  • Are there Home Remedies for Pigmentation?

There are natural ingredients such as lemon juice or turmeric to reduce pigmentation. However, if you want to achieve effective results, it is advisable to consult a professional for a safer treatment. Consult our professional to understand the pigmentation laser treatment prices.

  • Is Pigmentation Treatment Suitable for All Skin Types?

Most treatments can be tailored to different skin types. However, it is important to visit a dermatologist for customized treatment.

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