Dandruff Treatment Cost

Dandruff Treatment Cost

About half of the population across the globe suffers from dandruff. In this condition, thin, dry flakes are formed on the scalp. Typically, a small amount of dandruff is barely visible on the scalp. However, in people with a darker shade of hair, even moderate dandruff issues are visible to the naked eye. When left untreated for long, excess dandruff may lead to issues like scalp inflammation, itching, etc. While it's not a serious condition to worry about, at times, it can be embarrassing and lower your self-esteem. To get rid of your overbearing dandruff, you can consult the best dermatologist in Delhi for hair at our renowned Skinroots Clinic. 

What causes dandruff? 

Dandruff is a very mild condition. It causes minimal discomfort and is non-contagious. Small skin flakes are caused by various factors. The major factors observed by the best dermatologist in Delhi for hair are listed below. 

  • Unkept and unhygienic hairs 

Hygiene plays a key role in determining the health of your scalp. Your scalp tends to accumulate sweat residues, dust particles, etc. When you do not shampoo and render proper care, these accumulations settle on the top of your scalp and make it itchy. This causes skin flakes, which results in dandruff issues.

  • Excess sebum production 

At times, sebaceous glands present on your scalp may produce sebum in excess amounts. This can make your scalp very oily. The oleic acid component present in sebum can cause skin discomfort, thereby breaking it and causing dandruff. 

  • Dry skin

In this, the production of natural oils in hair, called sebum, is very low. This leads to dry and frizzy hair and dried scalp skin. Over time, excessively dry skin can become flaky and cause uncontrollable dandruff.

  • Building up of microbes 

Some microbes, like fungus, feed on the deposits of sebum on your scalp. When the sebum is broken, it releases oleic acid components that can lead to irritation for sensitive skin types. The aftermath then causes dandruff. 

  • Aging 

Dandruff is more prevalent in young adults than in people of other age ranges. Likewise, gender also plays a key role in this issue. For instance, due to the presence of excess testosterone, men face more dandruff troubles than women.

  • Weak immune system 

A weak immune system gives rise to numerous diseases like psoriasis, eczema, Parkinson's disease, and more. All these may indirectly end up causing dandruff due to itchy, hypersensitive skin. 

  • Other factors 

Weather conditions, pollution, extreme stress, medicinal side effects, chemicals present in certain hair care products, etc. may also lead to dandruff. The sensitive scalp skin is affected by these factors and ends up breaking into small, white-looking flakes.

Signs to watch out for 

It is pretty easy to check out some signs that indicate the presence of dandruff on your scalp. Each type of dandruff displays different signs. For example, in oily dandruff, the scales produced are yellow and greasy. Additionally, severe cases of dandruff, like seborrheic dermatitis, affect not only the scalp but also the eyebrows, mustache, part of the nose and ears, etc. If you notice any of the below-mentioned indications excessively, it is high time you consult the best dermatologist in Delhi for hair.

  • Scales or flakes of skin on your scalp. 
  • Itching, red, and swollen scalp
  • Overly dry scalp or oily scalp
  • A sudden, unexplained outburst of forehead acne
  • Cradle cap visibility on the scalp of infants
  • Frequent and intense scratching of hairs, etc.

Anti-dandruff treatments are available at Skinroots Clinic

We at Skinroots Clinic specialize in purveying top-tier hair and skin care services. With a certified and well-approved pool of dermatologists and trichologists, we will help you get rid of your aggravating dandruff complications. Provided at a success rate of 95+ percent and affordable anti dandruff treatment cost, some of our services are as follows. 

  • Scalp biopsy 

Our expert trichologists will remove a minute portion of your scalp skin to examine it in the laboratories. With this treatment, we medically examine the causes of dandruff and leading hair fall issues to furnish you with customized prescriptions. 

  • Scalp peeling 

We offer scalp peeling treatment where our certified professionals will gently clean your scalp to remove dirt and grease accumulations. After this, peeling substances are applied to your scalp for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. This treatment is suitable for removing occasional dandruff issues emerging from dirt buildup, unhygienic care, etc.

  • Manual scalp examination, diagnosis, and prescriptions 

Other than scalp biopsy, we also manually examine your scalp to understand the type of dandruff issue you're facing. Once your scalp health is thoroughly checked for prevalent causes, our expert trichologist will prescribe you some medications. These may include antibiotics, antifungal medicines, immunomodulators, etc. Likewise, we also prescribe anti-dandruff shampoos ingrained with coal tar, pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, etc.

  • High-frequency therapy 

This is a type of ozone therapy where high-frequency UV rays are employed to eliminate dandruff on your scalp. Lasting around 60 minutes, this therapy encompasses combing, conditioning, massaging, and steaming your hair to eliminate dandruff residues. 

  • QR678 therapy 

Another one of our affordable anti dandruff treatment cost therapies that deals with nourishing scalp health is QR678 treatment. Scalp dryness that amounts to the growth of dandruff is curbed in this treatment. Best for seborrheic dermatitis, this therapy rejuvenates scalp health and promotes the growth of healthy hair. 

  • Laser light therapy 

Laser therapies like low-light laser and laser combing can help reduce your dandruff issues significantly. As most dandruff is caused by fungal growth, these treatments deal with eliminating yeast accumulation to restore your scalp health. 

  • Cost of anti-dandruff treatment in Delhi

The total anti dandruff treatment cost depends on several factors. These include the overall health of your scalp, type of therapy attended, number of sessions, etc. On average, anti-dandruff treatment begins at INR 800-1000 and can go up to INR 1500-2000, depending on the customizations. The overall expenses may vary based on the combination of treatments received. For instance, you might be recommended for high-frequency therapy after examining your scalp through a scalp biopsy. The end expense will thus amount to the added cost of these therapies. Typically, scalp biopsy costs around INR 1500 to INR 3000, while HFT or ozone therapy is priced at INR 500-1000 for a single session. Likewise, to eliminate fungal build-up and rejuvenate your hair follicles, a low-level laser therapy starting at INR 4500 may also be suggested by the trichologist. As dandruff is not a grave medical condition, you need not pay an overwhelming amount of money to eliminate it. At Skinroots Clinic, we take pride in ensuring the delivery of cost-effective solutions that are specifically curated to meet your needs. 

Is dandruff permanent?

Dandruff is an extremely mild condition that may last for a long time, depending on the causes. It is important to know that dandruff is chronic, and if proper care is not ensured, it may lead to deterioration of scalp health. Worry not, as dandruff conditions can be managed effectively with the help of efficient care and regular treatments. According to the best dermatologist in Delhi for hair at our Skinroots Clinic, you only need expert intervention when the issue of dandruff gets uncontrollable and overwhelming. With assistance from seasoned trichologists, you can gradually minimize the intensity of different types of dandruff problems like seborrheic dermatitis. 

Why go for Skinroots Clinic’s anti-dandruff treatment?

To regain your self-esteem and manage your ongoing pesky dandruff you can seek our anti-dandruff solutions for the below-mentioned reasons.

  • A holistic approach to dealing with dandruff issues 

We at Skinroots Clinic believe in rendering customer-centric holistic services. From diagnosis and medical prescriptions to post-treatment care and guidance, we incorporate a 360-degree approach to furnish exceptional services. Our services are accessible at your convenience to prioritize your well-being. Additionally, all our expert dermatologists and trichologists are well-versed in rendering high-end skin and hair care treatments with special regard to empathy.

  • High-end technology and equipment 

All our hair and skin treatments utilize modern, cutting-edge technologies to ensure effective delivery of solutions. From diagnosis to end-delivery of treatments, our experts make use of emerging technologies like laser light technique, ozone and QR678 techniques, tricho-analysis, and more. To go the extra mile, we make sure our laboratory equipment is of the top-notch technology to properly examine the root cause of your dandruff or hair loss problems

  • Customized services

We at Skinroots Clinic are second to none when it comes to extending a wide range of customized hair care solutions. We aim to control, repair, and rejuvenate your scalp health with high-quality, relaxing treatments. Based on your specifications and requirements, we guide you throughout our treatment services. Our experts also go further and provide post-treatment lifestyle guidance to stimulate healthy living.

  • Proven track record of successful treatments 

We take pride in following high-standard protocols while extending a comprehensive range of hair care solutions. With over a decade of merit records, our experts are highly skilled professionals known for successfully helping countless individuals dealing with dandruff issues. Our exclusive pool of dermatologists and trichologists are certified professionals adept at providing tailored solutions. They boast a success rate of 95 percent when it comes to furnishing impeccable anti-dandruff treatments.

  • Cost-effective solutions 

Affordable solutions combined with top-tier quality are our forte. Our only priority is your well-being and thus we make sure to provide affordable hair and skincare services. You need not worry about the overbearing anti dandruff treatment cost with us by your side. To exceed your expectations we also accept different insurances and provide zero-cost EMI options at your convenience.

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